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Packaging & Moving Supplies Made Easy: Discover Everything You Need at MailCall Office

Are you familiar with the concept of “Dimensional Weight”? Shipping companies use this rule to determine charges based on both the weight and size of your package. Picking the wrong box size could mean spending much more than required. But worry not, because at MailCall Office, we offer a diverse selection of boxes tailored to fit almost anything you’re shipping. We’re committed to ensuring you get the right-sized box and avoid any excess costs.

Discover All the Packing & Moving Supplies You Need:

Moving and need a bunch of stuff? We’ve got great deals for big orders.

Don’t feel like packing? Just bring your stuff to us, and we’ll do the packing! The packing pros at MailCall are experts. If we pack your stuff, it’s covered by insurance.

Have A Question About FedEx Shipping?

Call MailCall Office at +1 325-423-6002 to ask specific questions about your FedEx shipment or to get a free quote.  If you are not in a hurry, use the Contact Us form on our website.